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Waste disposal and recycling

We encourage all our residents to dispose of waste using the correct bins; recycling wherever possible.

  • General household waste is collected by your local authority on your designated collection day. If you have communal bins these will be collected from the bin store or at the boundary of your home. Please ensure that bin lids can close and that no additional items are left on top or next to the bin as your council may refuse to collect it. If this happens we will have to order our contractors to remove it, resulting in an extra service charge cost being applied.
  • Recycling at home is really simple and is something that everyone can do. Check your council's recycling collection day.

How to dispose of heavy or large items

Large or heavy items, such as furniture and white goods, cannot be taken on normal bin collection rounds. It is your responsibility for disposing or making arrangements for large items to be collected. However, most councils offer to collect these items from your home for a small fee or some are even free. Please contact your local council to find out more.

If your large items are in a good reusable condition, why not donate them to charity? Many charities accept saleable furniture and may even be able to collect it for you. Please contact charities directly for more information.

Large items should not be left on the street or in a bin store without arrangement (eg same day collection or next day). This is classified as fly tipping, which is an offence and can lead to prosecution.

Fly-tipping or illegally dumped bulk items

Illegal rubbish dumps can range from a few black bags of household waste placed next to or in the bin store, to larger items such as fridges, mattresses and tyres. You can find out more information on our removal of bulk refuse page and report bulk refuse using the online form. Please attach a photo if possible, as this makes it easier for our staff to get the order right first time if we can see what the refuse is and how big it is. Our cleaning and gardening contractors are responsible for taking away bulk waste from our external areas and estates. This is an extra service charge request that residents who currently pay for service charges will be billed for.

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