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BBC One Show - Friday 23 June

Following the BBC One Show feature on fire risk assessments last night, please be assured that all of our relevant properties are subject to a Fire Risk Assessment.  All Fire Risk Assessments are up to date and all comply with the necessary guidelines. 

Please see our Safety in and around your home for more information.


Transparency and openness

We are committed to operating in an open and transparent way and being accountable to our residents and stakeholders. We want to be open how we spend our money and demonstrate that we deliver value for money for our residents.

We make available information about our performance, our expenditure and our salaries to ensure our residents and the public have access to available information about the services we provide and our effectiveness. We will update this information at least once a year following the publication of our audited accounts.

We have steadily increased the range of information we publish. We will keep this under review with the aim of further increasing the amount of information we make available.

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