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Background summary

‘Ask Chyrel' is a way to enable any resident enrolled on The OAK with an opportunity to pose a question to Hyde’s Interim Group Director of Housing– Chyrel Brown - and her Operational Management Team.

Whilst Chyrel and her team do meet regularly with groups within Hyde’s resident engagement structure, these meetings focus on the specific agenda items that have been agreed. This sometimes means that there may be issues or subjects that residents want to discuss or ask queries about but don’t have the chance.

How does this aspect of the OAK help residents?

‘Ask Chyrel’ is a discussion area on The OAK where each month any resident enrolled on the site can post up a question or discussion point to be shared with Chyrel’s Operational Management Team. The subject matters have included (amongst other things) housing for an aging population, a discussion about affordability and repairs reporting. Chyrel’s team are not able to respond to or resolve individual issues, but it is an opportunity for residents who don’t engage in Hyde’s formal groups to pose questions at a strategic level and have them answered.

Having this all within one section of the OAK website means that it’s easy for Resident Engagement to get the responses from Chyrel's team and share them with everyone, not just those that posted the questions.

How does ‘Ask Chyrel’ help Hyde?

It’s really useful for the team to see the types of issues that are important to residents. This helps them highlight different areas of resident priority which they can consider while they’re looking at service improvements needed.

Managing these discussions via The OAK meant that all the suggestions are in one place, residents can see what other residents have suggested and ‘like’ the ones they agree with. Chyrel and her team can be sure that their responses will be collated by the Resident Engagement Team and shared for all users of the site to see.

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