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Task & Finish exercises are a new initiative being trialled by the Resident Assurance Committees (RACs) – to investigate areas of underperformance.

In their regular meetings, Resident Assurance Committees monitor general performance looking at an overall picture of standard information from their region. When they are concerned about a specific aspect of a service, they can trigger a Task & Finish exercise to look more closely into the issues causing that low performance.

A Task & Finish exercise has clear aims and scope, with a limited timeline and milestones. Recommendations are agreed by HRV and will be monitored to ensure they result in the service improvements intended.

South RAC Task & Finish

What are they looking at? Missed Appointments and No Access. The RAC are investigating the links between residents reporting missed appointments and ‘No Access’; which is when a Hyde contractor goes to a resident’s home for a booked appointment and no-one is home.

Progress: The Group are currently gathering data about the number of visits made by the contractor for responsive repair appointments when the resident (who has agreed the appointment) is not at home. They are hoping to work closely on some improved communications around this issue. Once the group have reviewed all the facts they will come up with some recommendations on how to tackle the issue of No Access and Missed Appointments.

East RAC Task & Finish

What are they looking at? Satisfaction with communal repairs in sheltered schemes

Progress: The East RAC is making great progress. They spent some time looking at background info – including data provided by Hyde and some gathered by speaking with staff. They have now decided to get further qualitative information through a resident survey, interviews with scheme officers, two focus groups and a door knocking exercise. The group are aiming to write up their report and recommendations by October which they will present to Resident Services and Property Services. We will report the outcomes here as soon as we can.

London RAC Task & Finish

What are they looking at? Repeat repairs, recall and follow-up work; quality of first time repair fixes.

Progress: The London RAC has only just started their exercise and is currently collating performance information from Hyde’s Property Services Team.


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