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Resident Scrutiny Teams

Resident Scrutiny Teams (RST’s) have now been established across three areas at Hyde, London, East and South.  The first round of meetings in this new format took place in September and November last year.  They are responsible for validating the Hydewide Resident Eye inspection recommendations (so, making sure there is improvement on the ground and not just a tick box), they have also been hearing about how the Property Manager role is working on the ground for residents and giving their feedback.

However, there is still some work to do to make sure any local engagement is meaningful, has impact and encapsulates as many views as possible so, watch this space for more improvements.

Any tenant, leaseholder, shared owner or home owner of the Hyde Group that adheres to their tenancy/lease agreement has the opportunity to join – there are places available on all groups.

Members from these groups will continue to take part in Task and Finish service review exercises.