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Resident feedback campaigns

Four times a year we carry out a resident feedback campaign. This is when, for a limited time period, we collect feedback from residents about one or two specific Hyde services.

We collect as much of your feedback as possible, mainly via The OAK, social media and targeted emails. Each campaign also includes a face-to-face element, which could be door knocking or an open meeting. The face-to-face exercises focus on a single geographical area, which changes with each new campaign.

The campaigns are commissioned, and the results reviewed, by a panel of residents called Hydewide Residents Focus (HRF). This sits alongside Hydewide Residents Eye (HRE), Hyde’s resident-led inspection committee, as a sub group of Hydewide Residents Voice (HRV). HRV are Hyde’s most senior resident scrutiny committee.

The role of HRF is to look at information about the performance of Hyde’s services and decide which services we might need more feedback about. They may also take direction from HRV about a service area that they are concerned about, or follow up on the recommendations of an HRE inspection. The three groups work together, but quite differently.

HRF are also responsible for suggesting ways for residents to be involved during a feedback campaign, helping to analyse the feedback gained and inputting into the report that is shared with Hyde managers. The report and recommendations provide valuable guidance for how these services can be improved to increase resident satisfaction.

For the latest information about current campaigns, please follow us on Twitter, Facebook or email to register your interest.