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The South Region RAC is a group of residents from across the South region who work alongside our senior housing team to scrutinise performance and drive forward service improvements.

They meet four times a year - for which they receive quarterly reports from the Housing Director about service delivery in their region.

Here’s an update from their November meeting:

Grounds Maintenance and Cleaning

The South RAC challenged the Regional Director (RD) regarding the current performance in relation to grounds maintenance and cleaning.  The RD has committed to providing monthly updates and there are a number of feedback mechanisms being introduced to ensure the performance is tracked and monitored.  The contracts are still in the ‘bedding in’ stage.

Task and Finish

The RAC received an update on Task and Finish and agreed the recommendations which will be taken forward to Director of Property Services.

Resident Inspections

The RAC agreed three key issues that they would like to see covered by HRE inspections next year; ASB, grounds maintenance and responsive repairs (specifically Hyde Property Services). These ideas will be taken forward to a scrutiny day planned on 12 December, which will involve key members of HRV, HRE, CHOP and RAC Chairs and Vice Chairs.

The RAC also discussed and welcomed the idea of a direct lettings pilot in Chichester which will tackle ‘hard to let’ properties; cutting down on void loss and ensuring more homes are inhabited.






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