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The London RAC is a group of residents from across London who work alongside our senior housing team to scrutinise performance and drive forward service improvements.

They meet four times a year - for which they receive quarterly reports from the Housing Director about service delivery in their region.

Here’s an update from their August meeting:

RAC members took part in some team building exercises before the formal meeting. It was a very productive session - members found out about each other’s learning styles which will help them work more effectively as a group in the future.

Service performance

In the main meeting members constructively challenged some of the performance information (KPI’s) they were given. Members felt that the KPI'S do not always reflect what is happening on the ground, especially in terms of home ownership queries and response times. They have requested more detail on these areas of concern for the next meeting. 

Members will be visiting Mears at the Lewisham office to check first-hand how their new way of working is benefiting the residents.

Members reviewed the HRE complaint inspection report, which was well received. They endorsed the recommendations; especially the suggestion that involved residents will now sit on stage 2 complaints.

Community Initiatives

The Spacehive initiative was presented to members. Overall this was well received but there were concerns regarding the ongoing maintenance of environmental improvements and the impact this may have on service charges. Members were keen to ensure that any impact on service charges is made clear from the beginning of the process. RAC members agreed to spread the word out in their communities.  They asked to receive an update on the initiative in six months.


Members highlighted that the website does not make it easy to log communal repairs as you need to put in a time and date for the repair visit, however there is no need for a resident to be present for communal repairs. The Resident Services Director took this forward with a view to changing the form online.

A link to the minutes of the meeting will be available here as soon as they are agreed by attendees.


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