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The East region RAC is a group of residents from across Hyde’s East region, which includes Kent, Peterborough and East Anglia. The group work alongside our senior housing team to scrutinise performance and drive forward service improvements in their region.

They meet four times a year - for which they receive quarterly reports from the Housing Director about service delivery in their region.

Here’s an update from the group:

In the last quarter, Members have been involved with HRV, HRE, Task and Finish activities, Procurement Panel, scrutineer meetings and training for staff interviews. They’ve been busy!

Task & Finish Group

The Task & Finish Group are concentrating on looking at how well residents in sheltered schemes are being kept informed about repairs. They are also exploring how effectively both resident and Hyde responsibilities are communicated and managed to ensure a consistent service.

Planning meetings

The have had several planning meetings and have now visited two schemes in Kent, Hardwick Court and Rye Court. At Hardwick Court they interviewed residents over tea, whereas at Rye Court they took part in door knocking – to get a good understanding of how residents feel about their services.

They will be visiting further schemes in Peterborough and Northampton. The Peterborough session will incorporate another afternoon tea at the Sweet Briar Lane Communal centre to encourage residents to come along and share their experiences.

Mystery shopping

The group is also going to do some surveys and mystery shopping. Their report is due at the end of September.

Hyde’s 50th birthday celebrations

RAC members have also made several suggestions for Hyde’s 50th birthday celebrations which will take place next year.

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