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The East region RAC is a group of residents from across Hyde’s East region, which includes Kent, Peterborough and East Anglia. The group work alongside our senior housing team to scrutinise performance and drive forward service improvements in their region.

They meet four times a year - for which they receive quarterly reports from the Housing Director about service delivery in their region.

Here’s an update from the group’s November meeting:

The RAC was joined by a new member from Tunbridge Wells, who came prepared for the meeting with lots of challenging and interesting questions.


Members requested more explanation regarding the complaints performance information they had been provided with. A number of the complaints listed had the category as 'other' which made it difficult to effectively scrutinise where improvements needed to be made in the handling of complaints. It was agreed that the RAC would receive more information on complaints. Members also requested to see the complaints satisfaction target increased next year – it currently stands at 65% which the RAC would like to see raised, in order to increase satisfaction with how complaints are handled.

Repairs service

RAC members requested an update on the 'price per property' pilot at their information session in January. They also discussed the recommendations from the Task and Finish group (focussing on communal repairs in sheltered schemes) which are going to be put into an action plan to ensure they are progressed.

Members were pleased to see that most areas within the scorecard were performing on target. However they raised a concern about the figure for ‘appointments kept’ for responsive repairs which is  currently at 91% against a 97% target.


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