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Tenants and Residents Associations (TRAs)

Throughout our communities there are many local groups set up and managed by residents, with the support of our staff. Tenants and Residents Associations (TRAs) are semi-formal groups with elected officers and who function in line with our TRA policy in order to receive funding. Community groups are more informal and are often interest based – set up to resolve local issues or organise activities.

We do not set these groups up but can support them. If you want to set up a group in your area, or find out if there is one, send an email to

TRA information

Tenants and Residents Association Procedure

We have a Tenants and Residents Association Procedure. The procedure helps us provide a consistent level of support to our tenants and residents associations.

Our offer – what we will do:

  • Offer an annual TRA administration grant of up to £300 for smaller groups and up to £500 for larger groups (over 600 properties)
  • Support TRAs to become more self-sufficient by signposting them to relevant training and fundraising opportunities
  • Support TRAs to resolve wider community issues through a “What Sits Local” process or resolution meetings with Resident Services
  • Provide TRAs with a TRA ‘Toolkit’ (see the link below) which includes advice and information on setting up and running a successful TRA
  • Provide an area for TRAs on The OAK (Hyde’s secure online platform for engaged residents) to share best practice and discuss matters that affect their local area
  • Work with individual TRAs, at their request, to set up Facebook or an online presence to aid communication and reduce communication costs

Recognition criteria for TRAs

We offer two tiers of recognition for TRAs. Groups which meet the following criteria are recognised as Tier 1 TRAs and are eligible for an annual administration TRA grant:

  • At least 50% of the geographical area covered by the TRA must be our residents
  • Membership must be open to all residents based in the estate/block/area the association represents
  • The TRA must agree and adhere to a written constitution based on our model or approved by our Resident Engagement Team
  • The TRA must have a diversity and inclusion policy or statement
  • Plans must be in place for an annual general meeting (AGM) and at least one open meeting per year. The dates, times and venue of the AGM and open meetings must be advertised to everyone living in the area represented by the TRA
  • Open financial records should be held, with annual independently checked accounts. A copy must be forwarded to the Resident Engagement Team
  • The TRA should have a bank or building society account in the group’s name

Groups which do not meet all of these criteria will be recognised as Tier 2 associations which will still be consulted with and offered non-financial support but will not be eligible for funding.

You can get your TRA formally recognised by us and request funding online by completing our TRA recognition form and grant form. If you would like to set up a TRA or need support for your existing group, please email or contact Customer Services on 0800 3 282 282 and a member of the Resident Engagement Team will get back to you.


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