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Local involvement in London

What was the activity and why was it set up?

We had received feedback from Tenants and Residents Associations (TRAs) from four estates across London to say that they were frustrated with ongoing issues that never seemed to get resolved.

These groups were active in their local areas; raising issues with us and providing community activities. However the relationship between Hyde and the resident groups had deteriorated over time, because they felt that we were not communicating with them effectively, and they did not feel they were being kept informed with staff and service changes.

The initial step was for the Resident Engagement (RE) team to organise a face to face ‘amnesty meeting’ – with Resident Services and contractor representatives. This brought staff and residents together to clear the air and work out where the problems lay. Some of the concerns were historic but residents felt they had gone unresolved for too long, or were still outstanding, so it was important that residents had the opportunity to voice them.

What happened next?

At the amnesty meeting there was a frank discussion about resident concerns and a total of 25 separate issues of varying complexity were raised. The RE team ensured that all the issues raised were noted, taken away and added to an actions list for various Hyde staff.

The amnesty meeting was followed by a second face to face meeting a month later where the Resident Services Teams reported that 14 of the issues had been resolved and a progress update was provided on the others.

Once an agreement had been reached about how each of the parties would communicate and work together, continuing engagement was managed by the Resident Services teams. 

What was the final outcome?

All of the outstanding issues were subsequently completed and residents informed through an updated action plan so that everyone could agree that everything had been resolved.

The relationship between the TRAs and our staff has greatly improved and there is now regular contact between them. The focus is on the monthly estate inspections and issues are raised and responded to by e-mail and there are plans to move the process onto the OAK.

Following the initial successful trial the local engagement model was rolled out to the other areas in London, and will be extended into other areas.


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