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Local engagement covers the different ways residents can talk to us about the services they receive in their local estate or area. Our Resident Engagement Team provides support and advice to residents and colleagues to make this happen. How local engagement works best will depend on the local area or community and the issues that people want to talk about.

Here are some examples of how we engage locally. The Resident Engagement Team can work with you and your Resident Services team to make these approaches work best for you.

Tenants and Residents Associations (TRA)

These are semi-formal independent groups run by residents to represent their views to us and other agencies. The Resident Engagement Team will support residents who wish to set up a TRA. Read more information about the TRAs.

Local meetings

These meetings will have a focus or issue to be discussed. They can be used to consult about changes to services, to raise concerns about issues or services locally and as an opportunity for our staff to meet resident representatives. The Resident Engagement Team can provide advice about how to set up a local meeting with the relevant people from Hyde. Read the example of how residents and Hyde worked together using a series of meetings to improve local services.

Online engagement

The Resident Engagement Team can provide local area discussion forums on our resident engagement website The OAK. If you have a group of residents who might like to talk about issues together online let us know and we can set up an online area for your group. For more information see The OAK page.

If you would like to set up a local engagement activity contact your local Resident Services Team or e-mail

For individual service requests such as a communal repair or to report an issue, residents should contact us.

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