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Hydewide Residents Voice (HRV)

HRV is Hyde’s most senior level residents’ group. They work closely with the Directors of Service, scrutinising Hyde-wide performance and finding opportunities for improvement. They also influence decision making that effects resident services and oversee resident led inspections of services.

HRV consists of up to 15 residents that monitor and scrutinise housing performance submitted by services within The Hyde Group. They are mostly residents who rent homes from Hyde, but they do have one Home Owner representative and an independent member. They link directly to Hyde’s governance structure through the Chair and co-opted Vice chair (Chair of HRE) attending Group Housing Services Board.

Please see below a summary of their last meeting.

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Summary of meeting – May 2017

HRV received an update about an ongoing review of housing services. Members emphasised to the project team the importance of clear communication to residents about how services are being delivered and who they need to contact to get things done. They also stressed that it is vital that residents have easy ways to feedback concerns and these are acted upon.

Hyde reward scheme

A pilot for this scheme has now finished. HRV looked at the data around whether the scheme had encouraged positive behaviour e.g. clear rent account, gas access etc. It was agreed that this had improved, but could not be purely down to the scheme.  They challenged that people with arrears due HB payments and those in arrears with agreements to pay should be included in the scheme. They also discussed whether the scheme should offer a few big rewards or a lot of smaller ones. It was agreed that HRV would work with Hyde to develop the scheme before wider roll out. 

HRE inspection

HRV discussed the very positive response to the grounds maintenance and cleaning contracts inspection. They will monitor and ensure the completion of the recommendations.

Resident Engagement Strategy

HRV confirmed that they are happy with progress being made to implement the new RE strategy. They suggested that a new scrutiny section should be developed on The OAK to improve sharing of projects and outcomes. They also agreed that HRV needed to take the lead in ensuring that The OAK forum remains a constructive space and that they will challenge posts that focus on individual issues, be more visible and support other users.

Full minutes of the meeting will be available once they have been agreed by members.

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