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Hydewide Residents Voice (HRV)

Hydewide Residents Voice (HRV) is Hyde’s most senior level residents’ group. It works closely with the Directors of Service, scrutinising Hyde-wide performance and finding opportunities for improvement. It also influences decision making that affects resident services and oversees resident-led inspections of services.

HRV consists of up to 15 residents who monitor and scrutinise housing performance submitted by services within the Hyde Group. They are mostly residents who rent homes from Hyde, but they do have one Home Owner representative and a space for an independent member. They link directly to Hyde’s governance structure through the Chair and co-opted Vice chair (Chair of HRE) attending Group Housing Services Board.

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HRV held their most recent meeting on the evening of Tuesday 22 May 2018. They had invited Chief Executive Officer Elaine Bailey to the meeting to share Hyde’s latest news and to discuss HRV’s priorities for the year. 

HRV had outlined questions around three key topics they were interested in: fire safety, the provision of social housing and Hyde’s development programme.  Elaine responded to these in detail and key points were:

  • Hyde are making good progress in ensuring full fire safety compliance and are focussed on reassuring residents especially those in high rise blocks. Hyde are also working with other HAs, partners and stakeholders, sharing approaches and best practice.
  • Hyde are focusing on key regeneration schemes and are working on building partnerships that would enable access to additional grants, meaning more provision of affordable and shared ownership housing.

HRV also had a presentation from Susan Stockwell, Hyde’s Group Director of Customer Service and Operations about Hyde’s annual plan that aimed to improve services and raise customer satisfaction. HRV were also introduced to the new Director of Customer and Digital Services and the new Interim Director of Property Services. 

HRV welcomed the new plan; its focus on residents’ needs and the stretching targets to deliver right first time services and to improve digital services. They confirmed that they will be monitoring progress against the plan, and will be keen to see evidence of improvements. HRV also stressed the importance of genuinely involving residents in changes to service delivery, so that services were designed around residents’ needs, and digitally excluded residents were not left behind. 

HRV emphasised that the introduction of online access to rent accounts is important and that there are some aspects to the repairs service that need to be improved - communal repairs being an example. They also highlighted that communication to residents needs to be better, including keeping residents informed about ongoing service requests. 

Finally HRV congratulated HRE on the delivery of their resident-led inspection programme last year, especially their final inspection into heating and hot water repairs services. 

Minutes of the meeting will be available once they have been finalised and signed off by attendees.

Minutes from previous meetings