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Hydewide Residents Voice (HRV)

Hydewide Residents Voice (HRV) is Hyde’s most senior level residents’ group. It works closely with the Directors of Service, scrutinising performance and finding opportunities for improvement. It influences decision making that affects resident services and oversees resident-led inspections of services. 

HRV has a mix of residents who rent homes from Hyde, home owners and shared owners. There is space on the group for an independent member. They link directly to Hyde’s governance structure through the Chair and co-opted Vice chair (Chair of HRE) attending Group Housing Services Board. 

HRV are currently recruiting

Email for more information or if you might be interested in joining. 

HRV’s last meeting was on 19 March 2019; here is a summary of the key points: 

  • HRV welcomed five observers to their meeting; all of whom who had attended the RE team’s recruitment events in early 2019. They attended to learn more about formal resident engagement at Hyde and to see whether they might like to join HRV in the future.
  • Development/building programme – following their meeting with Group Housing Services Board, HRV invited one of the Development Directors. HRV were reassured to hear that Hyde has entered into partnerships to build more housing for social rent in the future, but continued to challenge Hyde that shared ownership/other tenures were not ‘affordable’ and that Hyde needs to think about older residents in their plans. A discussion was also had about the importance of new housing being high quality regardless of what tenure it is built for. HRV requested a follow up presentation about Hyde’s approach to selling older properties, and have asked to see further figures on rent levels for different tenures and Hyde’s current tenure split.
  • Repairs service – HRV received a report from the repairs service which outlined performance over the last year. They were pleased to see more focus on planned maintenance and a move away from demand-led replacement of kitchen and bathrooms. They challenged Hyde about compliance with cyclical communal works and on poor communication, especially with regards to communal repairs and the telephone contact. They also asked questions about contract monitoring and were invited to help the service review this. HRV also asked to see regular performance information on various aspects of the repairs service. 

Their next meeting will be in May when they will meet with Elaine Bailey, Hyde’s CEO and also discuss the next steps on Hyde’s new Customer Strategy.

Minutes from previous meetings