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Hydewide Residents Voice (HRV)

Hydewide Residents Voice (HRV) is Hyde’s most senior level residents’ group. It works closely with the Directors of Service, scrutinising performance and finding opportunities for improvement. It influences decision making that affects resident services and oversees resident-led inspections of services.

HRV has a mix of residents who rent homes from Hyde, home owners and shared owners. There is space on the group for an independent member. They link directly to Hyde’s governance structure through the Chair and co-opted Vice-chair (Chair of HRE) attending Group Housing Services Board.

HRV’s last meeting - 21 May 2019

Summary of the key points:

The meeting was attended by Elaine Bailey, Hyde Group Chief Executive, who discussed her time at Hyde, key achievements and Hyde’s future plans:

  • Hyde’s social value report – this has increased government / wider sector appreciation of social housing’s role in helping people develop and fulfil their potential. A key message was: money spent on social housing saves money in the long term and reduces reliance on additional services.
  • Fire Safety - Hyde’s approach to addressing concerns following the Grenfell tragedy has been sector leading and has gone beyond the Hackitt report recommendations. Hyde has inspected all blocks over 18m and all supported / sheltered accommodation, and published block-specific info on Hyde’s website.
  • Hyde’s development - focus is now on building social housing; HRV are pleased as this links to their shared view on affordable housing provision.
  • New Hyde CEO - Elaine confirmed residents would be involved in the interview process. 

Other issues discussed

Customer improvement plan

This aims to make accessing Hyde’s services, easier and quicker and is part of a larger change program that HRV are involved in.

Resident Engagement Strategy 2020-23

This is being developed in partnership with HRV; wider consultation with residents will take place from September 2019. 

HRV’s Priorities for 2019-20

HRV have prioritised key services they would like to see improved. Discussion on these will be reflected in meeting agenda items, questions they ask of Group Housing Services Board, Hyde service managers and feedback from residents. 

HRV's priorities are:

      1. Fire safety: that Hyde meets all its commitments and legal requirements for fire safety and makes sure residents are kept aware of any changes to the service they receive.
      2. Complaints: that Hyde acknowledges complaints, resolves them quickly and learns from them. Involved residents should have an overview of complaints and performance.
      3. Communication: This needs to be proactive, not just transactional or when Hyde wants something from residents and HRV’s priority is that Hyde manages residents’ expectations by making them aware of changes to services.
      4. Responsive repairs: that repairs should be seamless, timely and to a good consistent standard across all regions, right first time with one contact only. 

HRV’s shared views are:

  • Vulnerability: HRV believe that Hyde must be aware of and understand residents’ needs which affect their ability to access Hyde services and tailor their approach accordingly.
  • Affordability of new homes: HRV believe that Hyde, as a social landlord, should continue to build and retain subsidised (social rent) homes. 
  • HRV are currently recruiting! Email for more information or if you might be interested in joining. 

Minutes from previous meetings