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HRE – Hyde’s resident-led inspection committee – has now begun its first inspection of the 2019/20 programme. This time the group is looking at Hyde’s Readiness for regulation.

Why this is being inspected

All housing associations are regulated by the Social Housing Regulator, and one of the standards we have to meet is called the Tenant Involvement and Empowerment (TIE) standard.

What HRE are investigating

  • whether Hyde is compliant with the TIE standard, in particular
    • whether residents are fully aware of the opportunities they have to be involved
    • whether Hyde shares performance information with residents so they can see how well their landlord is doing
    • whether Hyde understands and responds to residents’ different needs

To gather feedback, HRE are carrying out the following activities:

Online and postal surveys

Looking at feedback from complaints and customer service cases

Talking to staff

Reviewing the Hyde website

We will publish a version of the summary report here in the autumn. If you have any feedback to share about this inspection topic, or would like to get involved in future inspections contact us on