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Hydewide Residents Eye (HRE) is a sub group of Hydewide Residents Voice (HRV) who oversee resident-led inspection.

HRE completed their last inspection of the 2017-18 financial year in April 2018. This inspection looked into our heating and hot water repair services, and was an especially important inspection for HRE as they had changed their original inspection programme to deliver it.

The inspection was initiated after increased levels of adverse resident feedback – through various channels including social media – about our heating and hot water repairs services. The aim of the inspection was to explore the potential reasons for this increase in dissatisfaction and to work with Hyde’s Property Services team to put in place actions to improve the service.

HRE thank all the residents who took part in this inspection. The response was again amazing, with almost 100 completed surveys as well as staff interviews, telephone interviews, site visits to contractors and a focus group.

As always, the inspection resulted in a report and action summary (PDF, 330KB), which is attached for everyone to read. The actions and recommendations from this inspection will be monitored by HRV, as well as other residents on The OAK – to ensure they are all completed as agreed.

Heating and Hot Water repairs services - report and action summary (PDF, 330KB)

If you would like to take part in a future HRE inspection please contact the Resident Engagement Team on: