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Hydewide Residents Eye (Hyde’s resident-led inspection committee) completed their inspection into Hyde’s Fire Safety services in August 2018. Read their full summary report (PDF, 243KB).

The aims of the inspection were:

  • to investigate residents' experience of fire safety management at Hyde.
  • to identify where processes could be improved to make services more efficient.
  • to make sure that residents are being communicated with effectively about fire safety, and that they feel safe in their homes.

HRE agreed the following main actions for Hyde:


New and revised fire safety policies will make sure that Hyde’s approach to keeping residents safe is the same wherever they live.


Invoices from fire safety services will be itemised so that contracts can be better managed and residents are better informed about the services they pay for.


A new disaster recovery plan will make sure staff are more consistently prepared and that, where possible, residents’ needs are put first following the event of an emergency.


Scheme Officers in sheltered schemes will now receive annual training on fire safety.


All fire boxes will now be listed and kept up to date.


Information about FRA4 assessments – before and after the inspection - will be improved.

HRE used the following activities to test the service:

Interviews with staff Focus groups Document reviews Shadowing staff Surveys

For more information about HRE’s resident-led inspections, contact the Resident Engagement team at

HRE Fire Safety summary report (PDF, 243KB)