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HRE are Hyde’s resident-led inspection committee. HRE listened to feedback from residents and chose to look into fire safety for the second inspection of their 2018/19 programme. The aim of the inspection was:

  • to investigate residents' experience of fire safety management at Hyde
  • to identify where processes could be improved to make services more efficient
  • to make sure that residents are being communicated with effectively about fire safety, and that they feel safe in their homes

This important inspection was carried out in August 2018.

HRE used the following activities to test the service:

  • staff interviews and focus groups
  • review of documents
  • on site shadowing
  • process analysis
  • resident surveys 

Due to the complex nature of some of the findings and the importance of getting fire safety right, it is taking a little longer than usual to agree the action plan from this inspection. HRE have decided their recommendations for improvement, and are working closely with senior staff to agree what needs to be done and by when. We hope to publish a copy of the report from this inspection in January 2019.

For more information about this important inspection, or to sign up to be involved in future inspections please contact the RE team on: or call on 0800 3282282.