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HRE Resident Inspection - communications to residents

HRE – Hyde’s resident-led inspection committee - has started its third inspection of the financial year! Again the group has listened to residents’ feedback and is looking at Resident Communications.

In particular HRE is investigating:

  • how easy it is to communicate with Hyde via the different methods
  • how effective Hyde are at communicating important messages
  • how residents feel about the tone and language of Hyde’s communications 

To gather feedback, HRE will be involving as many other residents as possible using the following methods:

  • Surveys
  • Mystery shopping
  • Resident focus groups
  • Staff focus groups
  • Policy and document reviews 

The inspection will result in a report and set of recommendations for service improvement which will be agreed with senior managers and Hyde’s Group Housing Services Board. 

Keep your eyes on Hyde’s social media pages for news on how to get involved, or email the Resident Engagement team on for more info!