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Meet Charlotte – an involved resident

Name: Charlotte Barrett

Location: Hampshire

Brief introduction to yourself as a Hyde resident:

Hi there, I’m Charlotte and I’ve been a Shared Owner/Leaseholder with Hyde since May 2001.

How did you hear about Resident Engagement?

I heard about the Resident Engagement team via an email sent to me about the OAK a couple of years ago. At first, I didn’t bother to register but then received a further correspondence and decided to join. This is the first time I’d really heard about Resident Engagement, especially since our local office had now closed. I initially joined the OAK as I had made several complaints and wasn’t getting anywhere and thought that by complaining on there, things would be sorted quicker.

However, I soon learned that it is not a place to get your complaints resolved but more of a sounding board where residents and homeowners can share ideas, issues and make comments on different areas within Hyde and changes that may be being made. For the many involved residents it is also an opportunity to see where there are areas which may need looking into.

Why did you want to get involved?

As a homeowner/shared owner, I love my Hyde property and I’m passionate about ensuring that other homeowners do not have the same issues I have experienced, whether it be with not knowing what something on the Lease means to service charge enquiries.

I decided to volunteer with Central Homeowners Panel (CHOP) and so far have found it very rewarding working with likeminded homeowners who are also passionate about the same thing and want to work with Hyde to make homeowners experiences a better one.

Which areas are you involved with?

I’m an active member of the OAK and try to challenge staff on behalf of the homeowners and residents. I’m also a volunteer on the CHOP board which is specifically for Homeowners.

What have been the positives for becoming involved with the Resident Engagement team?

For me the most positive thing about becoming involved with the Resident Engagement team is being part of CHOP.

Also, just knowing that you can ask a question on the OAK and that other homeowners/ residents will get back to you.

The Resident Engagement team are always looking to expand the ways in which residents can get involved and have recently run and are running drop in sessions in London, Brighton and Chichester. Join the OAK or check Hyde’s Facebook and Twitter pages for updates

What have you found challenging?

Not applicable

What would you say to someone considering getting involved?

For anyone wishing to become involved with the Resident Engagement team think about the reasons why you may want to become involved. If like me you are passionate about your home and helping others to understand things better then let your voice be heard, maybe start by joining the OAK to get a feel of what resident engagement is and how you can get involved.

Find out how you can get involved with our Resident Engagement team and the range of activities available.