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Residents involved in the management of complaints

What does the Complaints Panel do?

The Residents Complaint Panel hears stage 3 complaints alongside our staff. Stage 3 is the final stage of our complaints process and the panel review how cases have been managed to make sure the correct processes and procedures have been followed. 

What have they achieved this year?

In addition to their usual panel meetings, this year the panel took part in a ‘lessons-learnt’ review exercise as part of our Complaints Continuous Improvement Group. Panel members reviewed three complex closed stage 3 complaints with members of Hyde’s Property Services Resolution Team to see if any lessons could be learnt to improve services. They looked at how each stage of the complaints had been handled to understand how the process could be improved, the complainants’ satisfaction increased and the time taken reduced.

They looked at:

  • How letters were written and what information included.
  • The length of time taken between each action.
  • The amount and reasons for compensation.
  • How often communication was made and the complainant updated.
  • Whether lessons could be learnt to improve how complaints could be handled.

What were the key outcomes?

Key recommendations that could improve the handling of all complaints were made, including:

  • More clarity needs to be given in letters around compensation – to reduce the rejection of the amount offered and requests for escalation.
  • Residents’ claims for damaged property via our insurance need to be made to our insurance team (not through complaints).
  • More detailed information should be provided as standard by contractors so that we are aware of progress and can keep residents informed.
  • Regular six week inspections should be made to make sure work is being progressed.
  • We should check closed complaints, including checking repairs as a result of a complaint.
  • The suggestion was made that a complaint could be shut down before follow on works have been completed - with the permission of the resident.

These recommendations have been used to improve the service. It has been agreed to increase the number of residents on the complaints panel and roll out lessons learnt to other service areas. Residents are now regularly attending the Complaints Continuous Improvement Group.

The work of the panel in partnership with our staff has helped improved satisfaction with complaint handling performance from 24% in April 2016 to 58% in December 2016.