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Why and how do we involve residents in recruitment?

It is our policy to involve residents in interviews for all customer facing roles. We have a pool of fully trained residents who can sit on interview panels and help teams recruit to posts. By involving a resident in the process we can ensure that we recruit staff who reflect our customer focus and who understand how important it is to work in partnership with residents and to treat them with respect.

Panel members are equal members of the interview panel, have an input into the questions (as well as asking them) and are involved in the scoring and discussions of who should be offered the job.

What has been achieved over the last year?

Twelve involved residents on the recruitment panel attended 55 interviews in various offices across the group.

Also eight residents attended some refresher training on the recruitment and selection process and the skills required to be an effective interview panel member. All residents found the training useful and the feedback received was very positive.

Don’t just take our word for it…

'All the interviews that I have attended, I have been thanked for my contribution and feel my attendance was valued.' John O’Leary, resident interviewer

 ‘All residents that have been involved have given very worthwhile feedback as part of recruitment to posts.  As a resident, they can gauge for instance if a candidate is personable, if they would fit into the team, if they are customer focussed. Feedback from candidates has also been positive and those who have been through the process have commented on how professional they have found the process and how refreshing (enlightening) it has been to have a resident involved.’ Lesley Smith, Resident Services Manager (Hampshire).

‘I support the project and idea of residents being involved at interviews, as it brings a fresh dynamic and focus to the whole set up and in my view assists both the resident and candidate to fully appreciate the process and be confident in it.’ Anne Johnson, Head of Housing.

'Having the resident there helped to put the candidate at ease, and provided an essential balance in terms of what Hyde is looking for in an employee and what residents are expecting from a member of staff.' Tamara Williams-Harding, Lead Scheme Officer.