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Residents involved in staff recruitment

As part of our recruitment process for jobs in Resident Services, a resident is invited to take part on the interview panel. All residents who take part in staff interviews are trained in competency based interview techniques. They are equal members of the interview panel, have an input into the questions (as well as asking them) and are involved in the scoring and discussions of who should be offered the job.

The aim is to:

  • Help us to recruit employees who are committed to good customer service and resident involvement.
  • Develop the partnership working between staff and residents.
  • Increase transparency in our recruitment process.
  • Increase opportunities to builds residents’ skills and experience.

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Procurement Panel

When we buy a new service or contract a procurement process is followed. This is to make sure that the contract is awarded in a fair and transparent way and that Hyde and residents get the best possible service for the money paid. The Procurement Panel are a group of highly trained residents that support our Procurement Team through this process.

Members take part in all aspects of the process from speaking at the launch event, project group meetings and contractor open days, through to the Invitation to tender, pre-qualification questions and interview stages as well as scoring the final tender documents.

The panel’s involvement makes sure that resident expectations and views about the new service are included in the selection process and that contractors working with Hyde are aware of the importance of meeting residents’ needs.