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CHOP is our most senior level home owners’ committee. The group consists of leaseholders and shared owners from across the Hyde Group.

The group work closely with the Home Ownership Team. They scrutinise and are consulted on different aspects of services that affect home owners of any tenure, including service charges.

The panel is a formal subcommittee of Hyde Residents Voice (HRV) and can refer disputes or escalate non-performance to HRV for consideration at their next meeting.

CHOP are currently recruiting and would welcome expressions of interest from potential new members. If you might be interested in joining, send an email to for more information.

Minutes of the CHOP meetings from the last year can be found at the bottom of this page.

CHOP meeting - September 2017

The agenda was predominantly taken up with an update on the Service Charge Project and the Sinking Fund project.

CHOP discussed the new IT system for service charges, which has now been completed and so the team have started to move data across into it.  The new system will first be used for the 2018/2019 estimates and the actuals for 2018/2019, to be sent out in October 2019.  Until then estimates and actuals will continue to be calculated on the current system as this process is already under way.

CHOP asked for confirmation that actuals are going out – this was confirmed and they should be received by residents during the week of 2 October.  Since the Service Charges Team has sent all actuals out this time, CHOP asked for reassurance that there should be more capacity to deal with enquiries in a faster, more efficient way.  CHOP will be asking other residents to feedback on this service, if used, via the OAK so that they can ensure residents’ experience reflects what Hyde are promising.

It was also agreed that CHOP will be working with the Service Charge Team on a Challenge vs Complaint process in the near future, to make it easier for residents to challenge their service charges, or to make a complaint.


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