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Central Home Ownership Panel (CHOP)

Central Home Ownership Panel (CHOP) is our most senior level homeowners’ committee. The group consists of leaseholders and shared owners from across the Hyde Group. 

The group works closely with the Home Ownership Team. They scrutinise and are consulted on different aspects of services that affect home owners of any tenure, including service charges.

The panel is a formal subcommittee of Hyde Residents Voice (HRV) and can refer disputes or escalate non-performance to HRV for consideration. 

CHOP are currently recruiting. If you’re a Hyde home owner (shared owner, leaseholder or freeholder) and are interested in learning more or joining CHOP, why not come along and observe a meeting? Email:

Minutes of the CHOP's last few meetings can be found at the bottom of this page.

CHOP last met on 4 February 2020. They heard from Hyde’s Group Company Secretary about her role, discussed Hyde’s Customer Strategy and draft Resident Engagement Strategy, and received an update on Hydewide Residents Eye’s inspections.

Key discussion points were:

  • Current response time for service charge queries
  • The research and findings behind Hyde’s Customer Strategy and the role CHOP can play in this
  • Customer contact and the IVR system

CHOP also discussed possible areas to look at over the next year and beyond which included:

  • Customer Strategy and how CHOP can input into upcoming changes
  • Onboarding process for new build and resell
  • Staircasing
  • Alteration fees, rights and responsibilities
  • Defects/snagging
  • Repairs / communal repairs
  • Service charges
  • Communication
  • Complaints
  • Customer Services
  • Resident Engagement
  • Property Managers
  • Selling
  • Extending leases
  • Leasehold Reform

CHOP will as a next step decide which of these it will prioritise for 2020. If you have any further ideas that CHOP should look at or a view on the priorities, please let us know. Email: