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Central Home Ownership Panel (CHOP)


Central Home Ownership Panel (CHOP) is our most senior level homeowners’ committee. The group consists of leaseholders and shared owners from across the Hyde Group. 

The group works closely with the Home Ownership Team. They scrutinise and are consulted on different aspects of services that affect home owners of any tenure, including service charges. Read the group’s terms of reference here. 

The panel is a formal subcommittee of Hyde Residents Voice (HRV) and can refer disputes or escalate non-performance to HRV for consideration. 

CHOP are currently recruiting. If you’re a Hyde home owner (shared owner, leaseholder or freeholder) and are interested in learning more or joining CHOP, why not come along and observe a meeting? Email:

Minutes of the CHOP's last few meetings can be found at the bottom of this page.

CHOP’s last meeting was on 7 May 2019, here is a summary of the discussions: 

Customer programme update 

Hyde’s Director of Customer Operations and Digital Services shared an update, and answered questions from CHOP on Hyde’s Customer First Programme. The Customer First programme is about designing a service with customers at the centre, improving customer experience and getting things right first time. CHOP were pleased to hear that a self-service portal for payments is being considered as part of the programme as this is something CHOP has been championing for a long time. 


The Director of Customer Experience shared info about the changes that are being made to Hyde’s complaints process in consultation with residents, and answered questions from the group. CHOP also reviewed several samples of complaints handling and gave some feedback for the team to consider going forward. 

Service Charges 

The Resident Engagement Manager shared an update on the recommendations from Hydewide Residents Eye’s service charge inspection, and CHOP also reviewed an update from the Service Charge Team.