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Saturday 21 July 2018

Arden House, Stockwell: We are pleased to say that the water is now back on.  We apologise for the inconvenience caused, and ask residents to call our out of hours emergency number with any issues on 0800 3 282 282.


Stock condition surveys of your home

What is a stock condition survey?

A stock condition survey is an inspection of the inside and outside of your home. The surveyor collects information on the condition of your home, looking specifically at two areas:

  • Stock condition – the surveyor will assess the age and condition of major elements in your home such as the kitchen, bathroom, windows and doors.
  • Energy survey – the surveyor will carry out an energy survey, collecting information on features which allow us to calculate how energy efficient your home is.

This survey does not collect information on any outstanding repairs to your home. If you need a repair visit our report a repair page.

If you have received a letter regarding a Stock Condition Survey and would like to book one, please contact Michael Dyson Associates:

 If you have any questions about the stock condition surveys you can contact us using this online form.

What happens after the survey?

Once Michael Dyson Associates have completed all their surveys for the year, they send all the information to us, along with a report on the overall condition of the stock. They do not provide us with written reports for each property so we would not be able to provide you with this.

Please note that we only replace components when it is too expensive to repair them. Whilst Michael Dyson Associates will provide us with recommended re-inspection dates for elements of your home, based on recommended lifecycles, these dates are used to support financial planning only and are not a confirmed year of re-inspection or replacement dates.

If you have a particular problem within your home, please visit our report a repair page.

If you have received a letter regarding a Stock Condition Survey and have a question, please see our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Stock Condition Surveys - FAQs

  • Why have I been asked to take part in the survey?

    To help give us an accurate picture of the overall condition of our properties.

  • How was I chosen?

    Purely by chance. Random house numbers and addresses were used to pick households.

  • What if there is nothing wrong with my house?

    To be accurate the survey needs everyone selected to take part. Every home that is missed makes the survey less accurate.

  • How does this help give a true picture of housing conditions?

    Surveying a sample of homes (houses, flats or bed-sits) helps assess the condition of other similar properties in the area.

  • What does the survey involve?

    The survey will involve a visual inspection of all of the key areas and building components in your property. As this is visual only no items of furniture or any other items need to be moved and no special arrangements need to be made. As part of the survey the surveyor might need to ask you two or three questions. The full survey should take no more than 30 minutes.

  • How do I know if I can trust the surveyors?

    The surveyors will carry an identity card bearing their photograph, which they will show to you on their arrival. If you are in any doubt do not let them into your home until you have checked with Michael Dyson Associates Ltd by telephoning 0800 328 9896.