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Your service charge statements

As you can see your actual statement looks different to previous years. We introduced some changes to how we categorise and group our estates, buildings and homes in February this year. For more information on these groupings please visit our property groupings page. The services you receive are shown on this statement under the new groupings with a column for the total costs and a column for your share of these costs. This simplified layout provides greater visibility on the charges and costs that you have to pay.

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Your statement explained

  1. Personal information
    This includes your personal and property information. Please use your payment reference number for all correspondence with Hyde.
  2. Property groupings
    The property groupings which your services fall under. This includes area, estate, group, block, sub-block and property. Not all groupings are relevant to every property.
  3. Services and repairs
    Examples of services and repairs provided to the grouping. The services on your statement may be different to the example shown.
  4. Total costs
    This is the total cost for all services in each grouping.
  5. Your share
    This is your share of the total cost for the services in each grouping.
  6. Property costs
    These are the administration and accounting costs involved in providing services and repairs. For home owners this will also include the cost for building insurance.
  7. Total all services
    This shows your share of costs for all groupings.
  8. Total income
    This shows the amount we estimated in February 2017. This is what we expected your share of the costs to be for the services we delivered.
  9. Increase/Reduction
    This shows whether the actual costs are an increase or a reduction of your estimated costs. Following resident feedback we will no longer be using the words Surplus or Deficit on our statements to make them clearer and easier to understand.