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What you pay (Apportionment)

The apportionment is the split of the cost across the properties that share the service. For example, everyone who shares the hallways, split the cost of the cleaning of those hallways. The details of your apportionment is set out in your tenancy or lease agreement.

The apportionment can impact your overall surplus or deficit. If your charge is split across a larger number of properties, generally an estate, then your charge would be lower than if it were split across a smaller group.

An example of how apportionment can affect your overall surplus or deficit:
A surplus of £1000 total at estate level. This is split across 100 properties = £10 surplus per property. A deficit of £1000 total at block level. This is split across 10 properties in the block = £100 deficit per property. This means there is a £90 deficit for that property in total.

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