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Payment on Time, Every Time

Our expectation is that all residents will pay their rent when it is due.  To meet this expectation, we have established a new emphasis of Payment on Time, Every Time. 

As an example, a weekly tenancy rent will be expected on the Monday of each week and a monthly tenancy on the first of the month.  At no point is it acceptable to accrue a debt on a rent account.

This message is now incorporated in our sign up process ensuring residents receive notification at the start of tenancy that they need to pay the rent when it is due. We are liaising with local authorities and some are already advertising our expectations. 

Payment on Time, Every Time is not just about new residents.  Hyde is also contacting current tenants promoting the Payment on Time, Every Time culture. 

Payment on Time, Every Time is key to preventing rent arrears and keeping your home. It is also essential for residents in receipt of benefits who might be moving to Universal Credit.

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