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Moving home reward

A reward of up to £200 is available if you leave your home in good condition when you move out (this is for properties let via the local authority only).

We have introduced this scheme as a thank you to those tenants who leave their homes in a good condition. Homes which are left clean and clear can be re-let to other people quickly, so we can provide more people with a roof over their head.

The first £100 is available if you complete the basic actions detailed below, with a further £100 for completing the additional actions.

How do I get the reward?

  • Basic actions (£100 reward)

    Leave the property clean, clear and in a good condition

    • Allow our surveyors access to complete a moving home assessment, plus an asbestos survey if required, before the tenancy ends.
    • Make sure you have removed all unwanted belongings (furniture, appliances) and rubbish from your property. This includes lofts, cellar, outhouses and garden areas.
    • Ensure that you have left the property clean and tidy.
    • The garden (if applicable) should be cut back and left in a tidy condition.
    • Make sure that you have repaired any damage to the property: holes in walls/doors, graffiti on walls, doors missing. The surveyor will discuss any work that you will need to complete.
    • If you have installed your own fixtures and fittings you need to make sure you replace these with the standard fixings provided. For example, if you have installed a power shower, changes to light switches, lighting or changes you have made to the property like a ‘lean to conservatory’.

    You will receive £100 if you meet these standards.

  • Additional actions (an extra £100 reward)
    • Give us 4 weeks’ notice that you intend to leave the property.
    • Make sure that all your rent and service charge accounts are clear.
    • Meet the Lettings Advisor at check-out to return all keys including front, back, window, fob or communal key or by agreement with the Lettings Advisor hand them back at a Hyde Office by 12 noon on the Monday when you leave the property.
    • Allow the Lettings Advisor to take meter readings for gas/electric and water.
    • Clear any outstanding balances on gas/electric meter. Make sure there is a zero balance.

    You will receive an additional £100 if you meet these requirements. 

Note that if any rechargeable repairs are identified on inspection of the empty property then you may not be eligible for the reward. 

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