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  • Always ensure surfaces are clean and dry. Wash down doors and skirting boards.
  • If walls are dirty wash down with warm soapy water or soda crystals and ensure completely dry.
  • If painting a wall which has a dark colour already applied, apply one coat of white undercoat emulsion before applying a pale colour.
  • Rub down doors and skirting boards with sandpaper/abrasives.
  • Fill in any holes and sand down.
  • Cover all furniture and flooring to protect from paint spillage.
  • Mask around windows to avoid unwanted dribbles on to the glass.
  • Satinwood paint is for use on woodwork.
  • Emulsion paint/acrylic eggshell paint is for use on walls and ceilings.

Application – walls

  • Use a small brush (2”) to cut in, starting at a top corner to paint the edger of the wall. Continue the rest of the wall with a larger brush or roller. Then working from the wet edges, paint in broad bands away from a corner with a larger brush or a roller. Apply each fresh load of paint next to the last application, so you are always working from a wet edge.

Application – woodwork 

  • Mask off door accessories and wedge the door open.
  • Paint the door before the frame. If you are painting each side.
  • It is best to paint windows in the morning to maximise the drying time. Depending on drying conditions you will be able to close the windows at night.
  • Remove curtains and any window dressing to prevent damage. Remember to mask off window handles.
  • Paint window sills.


  • If you intend to use the roller sleeve the next day, wrap in cling film or in a plastic carrier bag tightly.
  • If intending to use the brush the next day which you have used with gloss paint again you can wrap in cling film or in plastic carrier bag and tightly wrap.
  • When painting skirting boards, protect the floor with a piece of card fitted between the skirting board and floor. Move it along as you progress around the room or use masking tape. 


  • To clean the roller sleeve wash in luke warm soapy water and then rinse.
  • Clean roller tray in luke warm water.
  • Clean the brush in the brush cleaner.
  • Do not use the roller sleeve, tray or brush again until completely dry.

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