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Resident inspections

Each year the Resident Inspection team choose four different aspects of our services to customers to ‘inspect’. They look closely at feedback from other residents as well as other examples and evidence for how we’re delivering the service. At the end of each inspection they make suggestions for how things could improve, which our senior managers agree and make happen.

This year the Inspection Team are inspecting the following services:

  1. Sinking funds (provisions)
  2. Decants (moving residents out of their homes temporarily)
  3. Sheltered housing services
  4. The last inspection area is still being decided

All about resident inspections

What do the inspections achieve?

Read about some of the improvements that have been made because of resident inspections.

Which services are inspected and why?

Resident volunteers look at how well services have performed. They look at Hyde performance information, as well as what residents have said in their feedback. The group then agree which services should be inspected in the coming year. The resident inspection team carry out four inspections each year.

Who are the inspection team?

The Resident Inspection team are resident volunteers that ‘inspect’ Hyde’s services to see how well they are working. Members can be tenants or home owners and from any Hyde property. They are always looking for new members, so email the customer involvement team if you’re interested in joining.

How are the inspections done?

Resident inspectors use different activities to look closely at each service and try to involve as many other residents as possible. The inspection team is supported by Hyde’s customer involvement team so that no customers’ personal or contact information is shared with the resident volunteers.

Inspection activities can include:

  • looking at performance information
  • surveys to find out what other residents think
  • reviewing documents, policies and communications – or the website
  • interviews – this might be with staff including senior managers
  • mystery shopping
  • ‘shadowing’ staff at work.

The purpose of the different activities is to find out how well the service is doing and what could be done to improve.

What happens after the inspection?

Each inspection results in a report, which includes customers’ suggestions for how the service should be improved. Hyde staff carry out the improvements and report back to resident volunteers such as Customer Voice. Some inspection actions are also monitored by Hyde’s Group Housing Services Board.

How can I get involved?

You can take part in future inspections. There are activities to suit everyone, from completing a quick survey to joining the resident inspection team. For more information contact us at

Feedback and results from previous resident inspections