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Customers Connect - resources from our conference

Missed out on our online event, Customers Connect 2021? Or want to have another look some of our sessions? See the resources, including the powerpoint slides and videos, presented at our most popular sessions during the event:

Alternatively, view our complete session summaries for all of our sessions Customers Connect: Session summaries (Word doc, 1.9KB)

Focus on service charges

This session included an overview of service charges, how they work and what we are we doing to improve how we do things.

View our Focus on service charges presentation (PDF)

Focus on complaints

This session took a look at our complaints service - how things work now, and what we're doing to improve.

View our Complaints presentation (PDF)
Watch the Complaints session recording (video)

Focus on repairs and maintenance 

This session reviewed how we’re doing and what impacts our performance. We’re excited to share our future plans for improving our services and overcoming our challenges.

View our Repairs and maintenance presentation (PDF)
Watch the Repairs and maintenance recording (video)

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Homeownership services

This session focused on the roles, responsibilities and services of the Homeownership team are and shared information about the Home Ownership Panel, made up Hyde customer volunteers.

View our Homeownership services presentation (PDF)

Building safety

This session looked at how we're managing building safety, plus…an introduction to our new Building Safety Managers.

View our Building safety presentation (PDF)
View our Building safety Q&A document (video)

The role of the Property Manager

This session taught more about this role and what we’re doing to improve it.

View our The role of the Property Manager presentation (PDF)
View our The role of the Property Manager recording (video)

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Customer services

This session took a look at our different customer service channels, and a discussion about how we can improve our service to you.

View our Customer services presentation (PDF)


This session looked at how we’re making our homes more sustainable.

View our Sustainability presentation (PDF)
View our Sustainability recording (video)

Measuring performance

This session looked at he future of measuring and sharing our performance, including how you can get involved.

View our Measuring performance presentation (PDF)
View our Measuring performance recording (video)

Choosing new estates contractors

This session focused on helping us choose our estate services contractors - how we choose contractors and how you can get involved to help.

View our first Choosing new estate contractors presentation (PDF)
View our second Choosing new estate contractors presentation (PDF)
View our Choosing new estate contractors recording (video)

Digital transformation

This session looked at Hyde’s digital services – a demonstration of MyAccount and a look into the future.

View our Digital transformation presentation (PDF)

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This session looked at what is ‘resident governance’ is. A discussion with our Company Secretary.

View our Governance presentation (PDF)

Employment workshops

This session looked at how to write a CV that will get you hired - effective CV writing tips and techniques.

View our first Employment workshop presentation (PDF)
View our second Employment workshop presentation (PDF)
View our Employment workshop recording (video)

Diversity & Inclusion

This session looked at being Stronger Together: Diversity and Inclusion between staff & customers within Hyde.

View our Diversity & Inclusion presentation (PDF)

Junior Board

This session gave an introduction to Hyde’s Junior Board. How and why they started, their challenges and aims for the future.

View our Junior Board presentation (PDF)

Demonstration of the OAK

This session focused on engaging online – a demonstration of the OAK, feedback and discussion.

View our Demonstration of the OAK presentation (PDF)

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