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Income Officer Yetunde Somremi

“The last few months have been a really difficult for a lot of people, with job and money worries on top of concerns they have for the health of family and friends, says Income Officer, Yetunde Soremi. Our message from the very beginning has been: If you’re struggling financially, get in touch as soon as possible – we’re here to help.

Nearly 1,500 customers contacted us within the first four weeks of the lockdown to tell us they were struggling to pay their rent and we’ve been working with these customers to review their finances and to get them as much support as possible. While the Government is providing a lot of help, people are often confused about what they can do and to what they are entitled.

We’ve been taking a proactive approach, contacting customers regularly to help with their benefit applications and coming up with affordable ways to keep up with rent payments and help them with job advice.

We understand the challenges our customers are facing, and we are here to support them to maintain their homes. If I could give only one message it would be to repeat…please contact us if you are in any way worried about paying your rent, we are here to help."

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