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Coronavirus - essential property services for our residents

In these unprecedented times, as set out by the Government, we are now only carrying out essential services. The essential property services that we will be providing to our residents include:

  • Health and safety related inspections

  • Essential maintenance services

  • Statutory inspections and repairs eg gas servicing

  • Fire risk assessments

  • Checking and completion of fire risk assessment actions

  • Essential communal repairs

Please note that we are postponing all planned maintenance works that have not yet started. However, all works that have already begun will be completed.

As ever, the safety of our residents and their homes, and our staff is our utmost priority. Please be reminded that all customers will be asked by our call centre and by our operatives before entering any property, whether any residents are self-isolating or suffering from any symptoms associated with coronavirus. Should this be the case, only emergency works will be undertaken. Find out how we will carry out repairs where a member of the household is self-isolating, shielding, or in quarantine.

We ask all our customers to act responsibly during this time in order to prevent the spread of disease and exposure to our members of staff.

Please contact us in the usual ways.


We will do:

  • Essential works to maintain security and water tightness to doors and windows
  • Essential repairs to fire doors
  • Removal/repair of dangerous structures and components such as wall cupboards, soffits and fascias
  • Repairs to external doors and windows that cannot be opened
  • Replacement of safety catches
  • Boarding up of broken windows. These works may be recharged

We won’t do:

  • Repairs to internal doors except for fire doors
  • Repairs to kitchen cupboards and worktops
  • Repairs to cosmetic joinery such as skirtings, architraves and shelves
  • Repairs or replacement to internal locks, catches and bolts
  • Repairs and replacement of fencing, posts and gates. Dangerous structures will be removed.
  • Replacement of glazing
  • Provide locksmith facility


We will do:

  • Blocked drains, WCs
  • Isolate plumbing leaks where a repair cannot be completed within 1 hour providing water is maintained to sink, wash hand basin and bath or shower
  • Repair and replacement of unsafe fittings such as sink tops, WC pans and wash hand basins, unless there are alternatives within the property. Damaged items will be recharged to residents
  • Repair of broken taps and valves
  • Replacing of faulty ball valves to storage tanks, where it could render the property with no hot or cold running water.

We won’t do:

  • Repairs to dripping taps
  • Blocked sinks, wash hand basins, baths and showers
  • Replacement or repair to baths, showers, shower hoses, shower heads and shower curtains/screens
  • Replacement of silicone seals and splash back tiles
  • Repairs/replacement of radiators
  • Replacement of ball valves to water storage tanks and toilet systems
  • Replacement of toilet syphon flushing units


We will do:

  • Repair of roof leaks where access can be obtained
  • Temporary repair or water ingress, preventative action where access is not possible

We won’t do:

  • Replacement of flat roofs or significant areas of tiling
  • Repairs or replacement to leaking shed or open canopy porch roofs
  • Repairs to leaking guttering and downpipes where minor works can be completed safely using a ladder


We will do:

  • We will service boilers but will not balance or remove airlocks from radiators
  • Turn on and test for mutual exchanges and lettings
  • Repair of gas leaks

We won’t do:

  • Repairs to heating appliances and radiators other than the boiler


We will do:

  • Repairs to power supply
  • Repairs to consumer units
  • Replacement of damaged electrical fittings that cannot be isolated and present a risk of electrocution. These works will be recharged to residents

We won’t do:

  • Repairs/replacement to sockets and equipment that are not cracked or visibly damaged, but are not working but not affecting electricity supply to the rest of the home
  • Repairs to ceiling lights where they can be isolated
  • Repairs to non-essential appliances such as extractor fans and cooker hoods that can be isolated
  • Repairs to electric showers where they can be isolated, but we’ll make a vulnerability assessment on a case-by-case basis
  • Carry out electrical tests and inspections in homes

General building

We will do:

  • Make safe ceilings and wall plaster
  • Make safe dangerous structures
  • Make safe uneven and dangerous footpaths

We won’t do:

  • Replacement of paths
  • Repointing and brickwork repairs
  • Plaster repairs

Water hygiene

We will do:

  • Routine testing and inspection of shared water supplies
  • Risk assessments
  • Essential repairs
  • Clean and disinfect any tanks showing a positive legionella sample

We won’t do:

  • Low risk actions from risk assessments

Lifting equipment

We will do:

  • Routine testing and inspection
  • Routine servicing and repair

We won’t do:

  • Cosmetic repairs to lift cars etc
  • Repairs to internal equipment where customers and anyone within the home is self-isolating
  • Non urgent defects arising from thorough examinations (LOLER)


We will do:

  • Routine testing, servicing, inspection and repair of fire prevention equipment
  • Fire risk assessments
  • Fire preventative actions to communal areas and within the home where feasible and no customers are self-isolating
  • Provide waking watch where recommended


We will do:

  • Routine risk assessments to communal areas
  • Removal, encapsulation or protection to all suspected material where recommended by risk assessment

We won’t do:

  • Management inspections within homes where occupants are self-isolating
  • Routine removal or encapsulation works

Contact details

If you need any further information or support, you can contact us by phone on 0800 3 282 282, or via our online contact forms.

Further information for customers