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Coronavirus - information for sheltered and supported housing residents

Last updated 12 April 2021

Protecting people more at risk from coronavirus

If you are over 60 or clinically vulnerable, you could be at higher risk of severe illness from coronavirus. You should be especially careful to follow the rules and minimise your contact with others.

We remain committed to delivering services as fully as possible during the pandemic, whilst doing all we can to protect our staff and residents from the spread of the virus. You can expect the following services from Hyde to continue.

Scheme officers onsite

Your scheme officer or scheme coordinator will continue to visit to carry out key tasks and ensure the safety of your building. However, their visits will be less frequent as government has asked that people work from home where possible to help reduce the spread of Covid-19. Rest assured that when your scheme officer or coordinator is working from home, they will continue with duties such as wellbeing calls to residents. You will also still be able to contact them by telephone.

Repairs and services

Our contractors will continue to attend to building repairs, maintenance and planned works. Operatives are required to wear face coverings to help keep everyone safe and maintain at least 2 metres distance. Where possible, we would also encourage you to open your windows to ensure air circulation. Operatives will also ensure that all surfaces they touch are sanitised before they leave.

We will respect your decision should you choose not to allow operatives into your home during the current period, and we can arrange a convenient date to return. The only exception to this will be if we need to complete an emergency repair which is directly affecting your, or a neighbouring property.

Communal facilities

The communal facilities cannot be used for social purposes at this time and we are unable to permit any social gatherings. Please use essential facilities such as the laundry rooms responsibly with just one household at a time, and please wipe clean the surfaces before you exit.


Communal touch point cleaning will continue on weekdays to ensure the sanitation of ‘touch points’ including door handles, hand rails and buttons.

Guest rooms

Guest rooms are only available for urgent family visits to support residents and we are unable to accept bookings for social stays at this time.

Hair salons

Hair salons are now open.

How to get in touch

If you need any further information or support please contact us.