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Summer cleaning and gardening

The summer is one of our busiest times, so look out for lots of activity on your estate in the coming months.

Of course, plants do most of their growing at this time of year, which means our grounds maintenance teams are kept busy cutting, pruning and planting. Over the summer, we will be:

  • Cutting grass at least once a fortnight (all cuttings will be collected and removed)
  • Weeding and tidying up borders and beds
  • Removing weeds and moss from paths and pavements
  • Trimming hedges will be cut and maintained regularly.

Please note that we are not in a position to carry out some of this work while birds are nesting – see the RSPB's website for more details.

Summer cleaning

Our cleaning teams will also be out and about, scrubbing and pressure washing bin storage areas once a month until October.

Insects can be a problem in the warmer months and the cost of getting rid of infestations is passed onto residents through service charges; please help us minimise this by ensuring bin bags and food waste bags are properly sealed when you put them in the bin.

Fly-tipping also tends to increase during the summer. Please use your local waste recycling centre and report any fly-tipping incidents via our website. 

Again, the cost of additional clearing of rubbish is passed onto residents through service charges, so help us keep these to a minimum.

Summer top-tips

We have also gathered some top tips for protecting your home if you are going away this summer and a guide on how to safely enjoy BBQs during the warmer months.


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