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Money, benefits and debt advice

If you are struggling with your rent payments get in touch with your Income Officer and advise them of your situation. They can refer you to Hyde’s Money and Debt specialists for help and advice.

Alternatively you can use our free BetterOff Hyde service. BetterOff Hyde is an online service that allows you to check your entitlement to benefits and fill out benefits and appeals forms online, saving them when you need to. There’s a job search tool and a journal that helps you to prove to the Job Centre that you’re looking for work.

BetterOff Hyde also has advice on how to deal with money and debt issues and finding a job.

Our website has additional information on benefits including a video on Universal Credit. You can also read our money and debt advice booklet for tenants.

Money Advice Service has also created a useful Money Manager tool that provides tailored information specifically for Universal Credit claimants.