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Mental and physical health

If you have worries about your own mental or physical health the best person to contact is your GP. They will listen to your concerns and give advice about the best course of action. If you are not registered with a GP where you live, you can search for one using the NHS Find GP services.

If your health issues are preventing you from managing your tenancy properly it is important that you let us know. For example if:

  • you have a mobility issue which prevents you from looking after your garden or carry out basic repairs
  • you are experiencing poor mental health which makes it difficult to deal with rent arrears and other debts

We may be able to help you find the right support where you live, and help you tackle issues like rent arrears through our confidential debt advice services.

Remember if you are struggling to look after yourself or your home you can request a social care needs assessment from your local authority. If you are unsure which local authority you live in you can look it up on the website