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How Love London Working is helping our residents into work

A passion for painting

Painting and decorating had been Janay’s passion since she was just five years old. Her father did this for a living and she learnt as much as she could from him. When Janay first contacted Hyde’s Love London Working team in June 2019, she was 28 years old and had been out of work for around a year. She was trying to find apprenticeship opportunities to achieve the NVQ level 2 she needed to progress her career in the painting and decorating sector but hadn’t had any success.

Employment Adviser, Raffaella Lenza, told Janay about an apprenticeship offered by one of Hyde’s contractors, Bell Group. With Raffaella’s help, Janay revised her CV and practised interview techniques. She was invited to a pre-screening interview, completed a week’s on-site work experience and then a final interview. Having succeed at all those stages, competing against several applicants, Janay was finally offered her dream apprenticeship.

Rosanna Giarraputo, Community Engagement Coordinator at the Bell Group, said: “As always, the decision was a difficult one as the overall standard of candidates was high. We’re delighted to have Janay on board.”

Janay has been working with the Bell Group since September 2019 and said: “After trying and failing multiple times to find a job that fits me, I now have a job that I love. I am very thankful for Raffaella’s guidance and help.”

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A brighter future for Fatmata

When Fatmata, aged 51, registered with the Love London Working team, she had been out of work for almost a year. She had little hope of finding employment again and worried that her age and lack of confidence in interviews were barriers preventing her from getting a job.

Fatmata contacted Hyde and was introduced to Raffaella Lenza, an Employment Adviser. Raffaella said: “It was clear from our first conversation that Fatmata was a people person with a very bubbly personality. She was eager to find a permanent, secure job in a customer-facing environment where she could make a long-term contribution. Together we explored a range of opportunities that matched her skills and interests. Fatmata was excited when she applied for the role of ‘team leader’ at Pret a Manger.

She attended a Love London Working pre-screening session where she prepared for her interview. After a successful trial shift at the Victoria branch, it was just a matter of days before she started her new adventure.

Fatmata said: “I am grateful to the Hyde Foundation for giving me a bright future. I’m really enjoying my job at Pret a Manger – there is never a dull moment. Thank you.”

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A real balancing act

Jason used to work in retail in various managerial roles. He was working many hours, which was putting a strain on his family life. He wanted to make a change to improve his work/life balance but didn’t know where to start. When his daughter was born at the end of 2019, he decided it was the right time to review his employment options.

Employment Adviser, Roland Tamas, met Jason at the Woolwich job centre around this time. Roland explains: “We had a couple of one-to-one consultations, where I explained the steps of making a career transition. During these meetings, we explored alternative career options. Jason was keen to move into the education sector and become a teacher. Together we tailored his CV and I armed him with a couple of job search techniques.

With Roland’s help, Jason enrolled onto a teaching assistant course, and once he’d finished it, he moved on to the next level. He was also supported to apply for a DBS certificate.

Roland said: “Then the coronavirus situation hit, and everything slowed down a lot. However, the last time I spoke to Jason, he had successfully received his DBS certificate and had been offered a choice of two jobs. I’m really pleased I was able to help Jason. This new role will make a real difference to his life – and to his family.”

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Returning to work after 11 years

Henry hadn’t worked for 11 years. He didn’t have a CV and at the age of 59, didn’t know where to start when it came to finding a job. Roland supported Henry to write a CV and explained that he could use his phone to search for a job. Just a month after being referred to Roland, Henry had secured two job interviews, and in February 2020 was successful in being offered maintenance role in a small hotel. Roland as delighted and explains: “This was a great achievement for Henry as he couldn’t imagine ever working again when we first met.” 

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Putting Faye’s future career in focus

Madhavi Deshmukh is an Employment Adviser who works in the Love London Working team at Hyde. Last year she helped a resident fulfil her dream of setting up her own photography business. She said: “Faye had a keen interest in photography and was eager to set up her own business. When I first met her, she showed me the number of likes and comments her pictures on social media and Instagram were getting. I could see she was talented and had an exciting future.

“I worked with her to create an action plan and a supporting marketing strategy. I helped her with wording for her promotional leaflets and also referred her to the job centre for business start-up support, which led to her successfully getting a bank loan to get her business off the ground. As she was a Hyde resident, I was able to help her to apply to Hyde Charitable Trust for a grant to buy a reliable, good quality camera. Faye’s business is now thriving - she’s got regular clients and covers a variety of photography projects at private events and for the council.”

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Studies lead to job success

When Georgia was referred to Employment Adviser, Madhavi Deshmukh, she hadn’t had any formal education, but was desperate to be a role model to her children by becoming a teaching assistant. Madhavi signposted her to a college where she successfully studied for free qualifications in English and Maths, and from here she enrolled on a teaching assistant course.

Madhavi explains: “Part of the course requirement was to complete a work placement at a school for at least a couple of days in the week. I wrote to a school close to where she lives asking if they would be happy for my client to do her work placement with them. This was agreed, and once she had completed the placement and the course, she secured a full-time role as a teaching assistant.

“Getting this job made a real difference, and I’m pleased I was able to support her on this journey.”

Love London Working

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