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Financial relief for domestic abuse survivor

One of our residents came to a Hyde property from Glasgow after being helped by a domestic abuse charity. Her partner had been convicted, but after he was released from prison, he forced entry to her home and violently attacked her. She sustained numerous injuries and her teeth were broken in this attack. 

The incident was reported to the police. When this case was referred to Joseph Clarke in the Hyde Foundation team, he completed a safeguarding form which was sent to the Tenancy Team. He also completed a safeguarding report after the resident said a ‘codeword’ to let Joseph know her abuser was in her home, which was sent to our tenancy team.  

Joseph is a money and debt specialist and he spent time listening to the resident’s story to get a detailed understanding of her financial situation. He discovered she was affected by the under-occupancy charge and that her only income came in the form of benefits.   

Joseph submitted a benefit appeal and after on-going negotiations with DWP (Department for Work and Pensions), this resulted in a backdated benefit payment of £7,868.54, along with additional monthly payments.  

She will also have her personal independence (PiP) payments reinstated after they were stopped without notice. The extra income has given the resident much more financial stability, meaning she no longer has to worry about covering the costs of her rent, bills, and the under-occupancy tax she needs to pay. 

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