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Money management tools and benefits

Money management tools

If you need help working out how much you can pay towards your rent arrears, an income officer can help you work out a budget, or if you have issues with debt, they can refer you to one of our specialist debt advisors. Read about our Successful Tenancies team to see how they have helped Hyde residents.

It is often wrongly assumed that budgets should only be used when finances are tight. However creating a budget can help you to understand your incomings and outgoings, making it easier to save for something special or to plan for an event. Work out what your goal is; it could be a treat or a longer-term goal like a holiday, special birthday or Christmas. Knowing your target and how much you want to save for it, gives you more focus you when you have a moment of indecision and can help you to avoid buying on impulse. 

Budgeting doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply writing down what comes in and what goes out is a good first step. Then review what you’re spending and ask yourself: What can I not do without? What could I cut back on? Are cheaper alternatives available?


Budgeting calculator from


MoneyHelper has created a useful Money Manager tool that provides tailored information specifically for Universal Credit claimants. 

Citizen Advice Bureau

The Citizen Advice Bureau has an online budgeting tool.

Our budgeting sheet

You can also download our personal budgeting sheet (PDF, 102KB) to help you to list all the income and expenses for your household, as well as your priority and non-priority debts.

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Our website has additional information on benefits including a video on Universal Credit and Help with rent arrears and benefits.

Our DIY benefits calculator can help you work out what benefits you can claim.

You can also read our money and debt advice booklet (PDF, 10.7MB) for tenants.

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