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Affordable equipment and broadband

We have teamed up with Happus to provide residents with affordable kit and connectivity offers. The Happus customer service team is just a phone call away on 0330 010 3300, where staff can help you choose, set up and get to know your device. Watch the video below to find out more.

What equipment can I get?

All products come with a one-year warranty on hardware along with 12 months telephone support. Delivery is free and prices include VAT. There is a range of devices on offer, including:

  • Brand new tablets from £59
  • Refurbished laptops from £149
  • Refurbished desktops from £99

Cheap internet access

  • A range of affordable home broadband offers are available, contact Happus for the latest prices and options
  • SIM cards for pay as you go internet from £7.50 (no credit check required)
  • 3G dongles for pay as you go internet from £39.99 (one-off payment)

We are running a home broadband connectivity pilot in specific areas. Read about the pilot project.

For more information see the kit and connectivity leaflet, or contact Happus on 0330 010 3300 or visit the website

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