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Stockwell Towers boiler replacement

April 2019

Work to replace the communal boilers at Edrich, Pinter, Arden and Beckett House began in November and the last systems were successfully switched over fully on 8 April.

What has happened so far?

Work has been completed in all 4 blocks to replace the communal boilers and the new system’s are now fully operational. The new systems will remain under a 12-month defects period within which any problems or faults will be resolved at no additional cost to the contract.

Why are the boilers being replaced?

The communal boilers were old and unreliable and residents will be very aware of issues with loss of heating supply. Temporary systems provided more reliable heating since November 2017, enabling work towards finding the best long-term solution to be completed.

What will the work involve?

In July 2017 we sent a letter which gave details on the works required to replace the boiler and estimated cost. Many residents raised observations during the consultation and some were dissatisfied with certain elements of the planned works.

We have taken time to review resident observations and consult further with the preferred contractor, Engie (previously known as Keepmoat), expert consultants, Calford Seaden and resident representatives, to look at the options available to replace the heating system.

We wrote to all residents with more detail on the specification and a cost breakdown for leaseholders.

What has changed?

Much of the works remain the same as per the original specification. However, we will no longer be carrying out works within individual flats such as the installation of heating interface units (HIU’s) or the renewal of existing radiators and pipework.

However, it is our intention to replace the gas supply pipes as the existing pipework has now reached the end of its serviceable life. A new gas supply pipe will be installed on the external wall of the building to service the plant rooms on the roof.

How long will the work take?

Work at each building was expected to take approximately twelve weeks – all works have now been completed.

When did you start on my building?


Start date for work

Switch over

Edrich House

19 November 2018

Completed 28 February 2019

Pinter House

December 2018

Completed March 2019

Arden House

February 2019

Completed March/April 2019

Beckett House

February 2019

Completed March/April 2019

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Will you need access to my home?

No. The revised specification means all work will take place in communal areas or externally. Scaffolding will be required to be up for the duration of the project in order to provide access to fit the new gas supply pipes.

Will I have to pay for these works?

Leaseholders and tenants have been sent a letter informing them if they will need to pay a contribution towards these planned works. If you require further information on this or have not received a letter please contact

How will I be charged for heating going forward?

Residents will continue with the existing arrangement of paying a proportion of the overall gas bill for the block, rather than individual home usage. This is in accordance with your lease or tenancy agreement and in response to the concerns raised by residents during consultation last year.

Where can I find out more?

You can email with your questions or call 0800 3282 282 and ask to speak to a member of the Special Projects Team.

These pages will also be updated with more information and frequently asked questions for the duration of this project.