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What is a starter tenancy? | What happens in my first year? | What are my rights? | How can I sort out a problem? | How can I end the tenancy? | Can Hyde end my tenancy? | Offer of a new fixed-term tenancy | What happens if we extend your starter tenancy? | Can I appeal?

Your starter tenancy agreement is very important as it sets out your legal rights and responsibilities as the tenant and ours as the landlord.

Your starter tenancy agreement is a legal document and you should keep it in a safe place.

Our Key to Tenancy Success is an online training guide for new tenants. You should have been sent an e-mail with details about how to access the training when you signed up for your tenancy, however if you did not receive this please drop a line to and we will send you log-in details.

Further assistance is available with your tenancy if you are aged 25 or under in London.

What is a starter tenancy?

For the first year as a tenant with us, you will receive a starter tenancy. This is also known as an assured short-hold tenancy. It is a short-term tenancy agreement and intended to last for 12 months.

Starter tenancies are different to other types of tenancies. They are a trial period for new tenants to help them get off to a good start in their new home. They can also help ensure tenants keep to their responsibilities, such as paying their rent on time, allowing access for repairs and safety checks and not causing a nuisance.

The starter tenancy gives us stronger powers to deal with any breaches of the tenancy agreement and if necessary end your tenancy.

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What happens in my first year?

During your first year you will receive at least one review call and one review visit to your home. We will contact you within the first six weeks and again at nine months. This is to make sure you are keeping to the terms of your tenancy agreement by paying rent on time, looking after your home and not causing a nuisance to others.

We will try to help and support you to resolve any problems that arise. This may mean us making extra visits to you.

You are expected to co-operate with all staff and representatives, including our contractors and agents. Failure to allow us access to your property may result in a decision not to grant you a further tenancy.

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What are my rights?

As a starter tenant you have a number of important rights, which are all set out in your tenancy agreement. For example, you have the right to have repairs carried out to your home and the right to make a complaint. However, during the period of the starter tenancy there are some rights that you do not have including the following.

A starter tenant cannot:

  • transfer to a different property
  • mutually exchange 
  • assign your tenancy to someone else (unless a court has ordered it)
  • take on a lodger
  • buy your property (subject to eligibility requirements)
  • make alterations and improvements.

You will get all of these rights if we offer you a fixed-term tenancy after 12 months when your starter tenancy has expired. However, you will still need to get our written permission before you exchange, assign or make alterations or improvements to your home.

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How can I sort out a problem?

It is really important that you let us know if you are having problems with your tenancy as soon as possible, so we can try to help you sort out the problem or get the right help. Sometimes this may involve making referrals to other organisations that are better able to help and support you.

If you have broken the terms of your tenancy agreement, we will contact you to discuss the problem and what you must do to put things right. But if there is a serious breach of your tenancy, we may take immediate legal action to end your tenancy.

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How can I end the tenancy?

You can end your starter tenancy at any point during the 12 months. You will need to give us four weeks written notice before you wish to leave.

Can Hyde end my tenancy?

We will review your starter tenancy before it ends. If there are no problems and there have been no other change of circumstances, we will usually offer you a new fixed term tenancy.

However, if you have had any problems with your tenancy, like rent arrears, irregular rent payments, refusing access for repairs or safety checks, anti-social behaviour or other tenancy breaches, then we may not offer you a fixed-term tenancy.

Depending on the situation, we will either extend the starter tenancy for up to six months or follow procedures to end your tenancy.

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Offer of a new fixed-term tenancy 

If you complete your starter tenancy and there are no issues, we will offer you a fixed term tenancy with us. A fixed-term tenancy is a type of assured short-hold tenancy. It gives you the right to live in your home for a fixed period of time, usually five years.

What happens if we extend your starter tenancy?

We will meet with you to explain the reasons why we are extending your starter tenancy and set out what you need to do to ensure you satisfactorily complete the extended period. If there are any other agencies or organisations involved in helping you then, with your agreement, we may invite them to attend this meeting.

We will review your starter tenancy again before the end of the extended period to assess how you have managed your home and tenancy since the extension. If your management of your tenancy has been satisfactory, then you will usually be offered a new fixed-term tenancy.

However, if you have failed to manage your tenancy satisfactorily, we will follow our procedures to end your tenancy.

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Can I appeal?

If you disagree with the decision to extend or end your starter tenancy, you can appeal the decision.

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