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List of service charges terms

General termsTerms for services

General terms

Am I tenant or a homeowner?

Tenants are residents who rent their homes from Hyde under a tenancy agreement. Types of tenure include fixed-term tenancies, starter tenancies and tenures.

Homeowners are residents who wholly or partly own their own homes, under a lease. These can include leaseholders, freeholders and shared owners as well as residents who have bought under the Right to Buy, Right to Acquire and Shared Ownership schemes.

What is a landlord?

This is an individual or company that owns a property or building. This is normally the Hyde Group but could be another party eg the developer of the building.

What is a tenancy agreement?

This is a legal contract between the landlord and tenant that sets out the obligations of both parties.

What is a leaseholder?

This is a resident that owns a property, normally a flat, for a fixed period of time eg 125 years.

What is a lease?

This is a legal contract between the landlord and leaseholder that sets out the obligations of both parties.

What is a freeholder?

This is an individual or a company that owns a house or a property. Unlike a leaseholder, there is no limit to how long they will own the property.

What is a shared owner?

This is a resident who partly owns a flat, or house, for a fixed period of time eg 125 years. The resident will own a percentage of the property and rent the remaining portion from the association, for which they pay rent.

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Terms for services

These terms are used on your statement for the services we provide. To find out more about these services, please contact us to get in touch with your Property Manager.

Apportionment methods

There is no standard apportionment method for leasehold properties. We use a number of different apportionment methods which include but are not limited to: 

  • Unit - Your home is a unit (eg – house, flat, maisonette)
  • Floor Area - This is the total floor area of your home. It compares the floor area of an individual home (unit) with the combined floor area of all the individual units within the building.
  • Rateable Value (RV) - This apportionment method uses the old local authority rates system that were once used to calculate what is now termed “Council Tax.”
  • Habitable Room - This is any room that is not a kitchen, bathroom, or toilet. This method of apportionment divides the cost by the total number of habitable rooms in a block rather than the total number of homes. This allows for the fact that some homes are larger than others.
  • Percentage - The percentage you pay can be based either on the size of your home in relation to others in the building or admin unit or it can be split equally between the number of units.  

Asbestos – Communal

Asbestos surveys or inspections and any necessary works.

Audit fees and other professional fees

The cost of carrying out an external audit of your statement.

Buildings Insurance

The cost to insure your building.

Care Call and monitoring systems

Servicing, monitoring and works where there is a dedicated alarm system to protect elderly or vulnerable residents.

Caretaking and other staff costs

Employment costs for caretaking staff and scheme officers. This includes salary and vehicle costs and the cost of employing any required temporary staff.

CCTV maintenance and repair

Servicing, monitoring and repairs of the communal CCTV monitoring systems.

Cleaning: Contracted Cleaning Services

This is the cost of providing the contracted cleaning service for cleaning to you block. The schedule of routine tasks undertaken are detailed in the specification for your block or estate.

Cleaning: Responsive Cleaning

Where cleaning services are required on an ad-hoc basis within communal basis outside of the contracted service provision. Examples include one-off deep cleans (not included in the contract), clearing up of spillages and Health & Safety cleans.

Cleaning: Window Cleaning Contract

For the cleaning of communal windows on a routine basis, in line with the agreed contract specification.

Cleaning: Bins and Rubbish

This covers the removal of bulk items of waste from bin stores or communal areas of your block or estate. This can include bin hire, the actual cleaning of the bins (as opposed to emptying them), and the removal of bulk items of waste from bin stores or communal areas.

Communal electric bills

Communal electricity charges such as internal and external lighting in your block/estate/group.

Communal gas bills including communal heating

Servicing, monitoring, repairs and maintenance of communal gas, including supply.

Communal signs

Cost for communal signs such as ‘No smoking’ or ‘No ball games’ to your block or estate.

Communal telephone costs

The cost of providing and servicing communal phones.

Communal water charges

Charges for the supply of water to your block or estate as well as the removal of any waste water.

Concierge service

The provision of staff at your block to carry out activities such as monitoring CCTV, alarms and access to your building.

Controlled door entry

The costs for repairing and maintaining the door entry system.


In some cases residents will pay for equipment that has already been replaced. To avoid paying the cost all at once, the charges are spread across a number of years.

Electrical maintenance including bulbs and inspections

This will cover the cost of providing statutory electrical inspections.

Fire Safety: Contract Services,

The statutory servicing and inspection of communal fire alarm systems, emergency lighting, smoke detectors and fire equipment undertaken by our contractors.

Fire Safety: Responsive Repairs

Where responsive repairs are required to be undertaken to the fire equipment outside of the statutory servicing and inspection regime

Fire Risk Assessments

This service relates to the costs for providing a statutory inspection to identify any fire risks. The assessment requires an inspection of the building to identify any fire hazards and remove or reduce the risk of those hazards.

Furniture, furnishings, white goods and decoration

This includes furniture and flooring in communal areas and the replacement of communal driers and washing machines.

Grounds maintenance - Contracted Works

The cost of a grounds maintenance contract including the upkeep of private roads, footpaths, parking areas, and the cost of gardening equipment.

Grounds maintenance - Responsive Works

The cost of works undertaken on an unplanned basis outside of the normal contracted grounds maintenance schedule.

Legionella - communal

The cost of providing assessments and associated works for legionella and water hygiene.

Lift maintenance and repairs

All lift contract costs, including servicing, maintenance and insurance costs.

Management company costs

Costs for services and repairs provided to the block or estate by a third party management company.

Management fees on Hyde services

The management cost of providing these services to your property, including service charge estimates and statements, and all associated overheads.

Management fees on management company services

A 5% administration fee on the management company costs to cover our administrative costs in processing and billing.

Pest control

The removal of pests from communal areas.

Play area inspection and maintenance

This covers the inspection and maintenance of the play areas and equipment.


These are regular amounts collected as part of the service charge to cover the future cost of items that need to be replaced from time to time, such as door entry systems and lifts. In addition, homeowners’ provisions may be collected to cover external redecorations and repairs to the structure of the building.

Repairs and maintenance

The cost of the repair and maintenance of your block and estate as well as any communal or shared areas. For tenants the cost of external structural repairs is covered by your rent.

Water Hygiene

The cost of providing assessments and associated works for works for legionella and water hygiene.

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