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Capping aspiration: The Millennial housing challenge

Posted on 12 May 2017

Young people in low-paid, insecure jobs are being locked out of all housing options in the south east, including social housing, a new report has revealed.

More than half (51%) of people under 35 cannot afford the cheapest private rents in the south east. This rises to 76% for under 25s.

From 2019 a policy called the Shared Accommodation Rate (SAR) will be extended to include up to 35 year olds in social housing, capping their housing benefit.

We are one of ten south east based housing associations (CASE) that commissioned the Capping Aspiration: The millennial housing challenge report (PDF, 1.2MB). This found the cap will affect nearly all under 35s (84%) living in social housing in the south east.

Elaine Bailey, Hyde Group CEO said, “It’s vitally important that we, as housing associations have the freedom and flexibility to work with local authorities to continue to meet the housing needs of young people. As part of CASE we are keen to work with the government to ensure that no one gets left behind in the housing market.”

More information is available on the Sovereign Housing Association website.