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The festival of learning

Posted on 29 June 2017

It’s festival season and the Festival of Learning (previously Adult Learners’ Week) celebrates the positive impact of lifelong learning. 

Robert Wood, IT Test Analyst, has some sage advice to anyone who wants to add to their skill set at any stage in life: ‘...find out what your passion is!’

When colleagues ask him about his progress from repairs to a role in IT he readily shares his experience and champions the benefits of embracing lifelong learning. Since joining us in 2009 Robert has experienced roles in a number teams, from the home ownership sales team to customer services, before finding his present role in IT.  Robert’s career journey is testament to the excellent programme of staff development which includes training, mentoring and secondment opportunities.

We have recently launched the Hyde Academy; a portal which provides access to resources including a range of courses and learning materials to help our staff take control of their career development.

Over the past year our staff have benefited from nearly 3,658 days of training including over 766 days of continued personal development.  Of our latest cohort of apprentices 90% successfully secured a permanent role.


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