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Letting Universal Credit know your rent is changing

Posted on 24 March 2021

If you receive Universal Credit (UC) and your rent is changing, you must tell UC how much your new payments are otherwise you will not receive the correct money you are entitled to. To do this log into your UC online account and either:

  • complete the task if listed in your ‘To Do’  
  • report a change to ‘Where you live and what it costs’ on the home page

You need to make this change at the beginning of April.

If you’re not sure if you’re charged monthly or weekly, you can find this out on your rent increase letter which we sent to you in February, on a rent statement or on MyAccount.

It’s your responsibility to tell UC of the change in your rent to ensure you receive the correct money that you are entitled to.

If you have a joint tenancy but your joint tenant does not live in the property (UC calls this an ‘untidy tenancy’), you must make a note in your journal that this is still your current situation.

If you have any questions, we are happy to help, please contact our Income Team.