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How Love London Working helped Jonathan back to work

Posted on 08 October 2018

When Hyde Foundation Employment Adviser Roland Tamas first met Jonathan in 2017, he had been out of work for two years.

Jonathan had previously spent nearly 25 years working as a data centre manager in organisations including the Guardian.

As a result of losing his job, Jonathan was forced to move out of his apartment.

He was determined to get back to work, but, after applying for more than 600 roles without securing a position, he contacted the Love London Working team.

Roland said: “When I first met Jonathan, he was close to losing hope of ever working again. Together we identified his career goals and gathered evidence of all his past successes. This helped us to totally rewrite his CV, transforming it from four cluttered pages into a two-page format that clearly demonstrated all his professional achievements and results.”

It wasn’t long before Jonathan began to receive calls inviting him to interviews. This had a very positive impact on his outlook, as he finally felt he had something worth offering to prospective employers.

However, as Jonathan had not been to an interview for 25 years, he was very inexperienced. Roland arranged interview preparation training, where the pair took part in two mock interviews. This enabled Jonathan to practise answering questions and to develop new skills. By the end of the session, his self-confidence had improved and he understood how he needed to ‘sell himself’ at interviews.

The coaching paid off and Jonathan was offered a job as an infrastructure architect just two months after he began working with Hyde Foundation. “When Jonathan found out he had impressed the interview panel so much that they had offered him the job, he was absolutely ecstatic,” Roland said.

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