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Getting help with your energy bills

Posted on 13 July 2022

Energy prices are at an all-time high. Several factors are contributing to the rise in the cost of living, and many householders across the UK are worried about how they’re going to afford an increase to their bills.

We understand how worrying this can be. The key piece of advice we give to anyone who’s struggling is that you’re not alone; but we can only help if you speak to us.

We support thousands of customers with debt advice, benefit claims and rent arrears every year.

Our expert team of advisors specialises in providing money, benefits and advice. To speak to someone, give us a call on 0800 3 282 282.

Help and advice

There are things you can do, and information that can help:

If you know any other Hyde customers who may be struggling, please encourage them to get in touch too. We know that some people aren’t online and may not be aware of the services we can offer. Helping them get in touch could make all the difference.

Government cost of living support package

The government has announced a substantial energy relief package for people across the UK. In an interview with former Chancellor Rishi Sunak, Martin Lewis, founder of, discusses everything that you need to know.

Local councils and energy supplier help

Many local councils have put together financial packages to help. Make sure to contact yours and find out if any money is available to you. Also, if you have a gas supplier, they also may be offering grants, or other financial help so contact them too, to discuss your options.

Remember, it’s better overall to keep your home warm, even on low, at a consistent level. Otherwise, moisture can get in the walls, which causes damp and mould, and it means it will be harder, and more expensive to heat your home later on, as well as all the other negatives effects of damp and mould.

What we’re doing

We’re already looking at the best ways to make homes more energy efficient and help reduce costs for customers. We spent around £20m on improving our homes in 2021/22, however, these projects don’t do anything to relieve pressure in the very short term.

Energy advisory group

The situation is evolving every day. We’ve set up an advisory group, whose purpose it is to monitor the situation closely and advise you and the rest of the business about any developments. So far, the group has made sure that the latest government help is available to customers on our website, and will continue to keep an eye on this, as well as any other sources of help. They’re also working more tips and advice to keep your bills down, depending on which type of heating you have in your home.

Our aim is to provide help and advice to our customers before they run into more long-term financial problems. We encourage all customers to get in touch with us and take advantage of the help we can offer.

Keep an eye out for more helpful information here on our website.

This story is part of our Helping Hand initiative.