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Saturday 21 July 2018

Arden House, Stockwell: We are pleased to say that the water is now back on.  We apologise for the inconvenience caused, and ask residents to call our out of hours emergency number with any issues on 0800 3 282 282.


Resident feedback in the spotlight

Posted on 15 June 2018

On Friday 8 June 2018 our Resident Engagement (RE) team brought together a diverse group of residents to review progress against the first year of our RE strategy, and to discuss how to improve engagement with our residents in the coming years. Residents came from across Hyde’s geography and from different tenures and backgrounds, resulting in a day full of interesting discussions and constructive challenge.

The event also provided an opportunity for the team to introduce residents to our Customer Service and Operations priorities, which have been developed on the back of resident feedback. They aim to improve resident satisfaction and to ensure that new services are focused around residents’ needs. The afternoon workshop gathered attendees’ feedback on how we can best achieve the aims and targets within the plans.

Attendees highlighted key areas for improvement, including how well residents are kept informed about ongoing repairs and communication, and cross-working between different teams within Hyde. We are grateful for residents’ input and look forward to sharing their feedback and ideas with our colleagues.